Women’s IPL is a must in the near future.

It was confirmed just recently by the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, that WIPL or Women’s IPL is likely to be played from Nov 1 to Nov 10. The tournament is expected to be played in the same lines as in the past like a challenger’s series.

The question, is it the time to look at a full fledged WIPL instead of just being 3 or 4 team affair? Should it be sooner rather than later?

Here are reasons why Women’s IPL or WIPL should start featuring as a major Indian domestic tourney at the earliest.

Growing popularity of the Women’s T20 game.

Women's T20 World cup finals.
A huge attendance at MCG is an evidence to a growing popularity.

On March 8th 2020, a monumental thing happened in the game of cricket. At the iconic MCG , a record 86,174 fans thronged the ICC WT20 finals match between India and Australia. This shows how the Women’s game has evolved globally. One of the main reasons is the existence of Big bash league for Women(WBBL).

Similarly, with an full fledged Women’s IPL, the popularity in India will only get better.

WIPL can transform Indian women’s side into a world beating one.

WIPL will boost Indian women's cricket.
Indian eves lost in the finals.

Harsha Bhogle mentioned this in a tweet after Indian women lost in the finals,

Just brilliant to see how Australia raised their game on the big day. They have played at a different level today whether with bat or ball or, so visibly, in the field! I believe the Big Bash has played a big part and that is why I believe a woman’s IPL is a necessity.

So a Women’s IPL is much needed if Indian eves are to transform to a world beating team. Its their 2nd finals loss in 3 major tournaments(also lost in ICC WC 2017 finals).

Aside from this, Indian players will be able to play with some of the best overseas female cricketers. As per the current format with 3 teams, it will give opportunity to only few players.

WIPL will only increase their skill set and this was the exact thing happened with men’s cricket team as well with the introduction of IPL in 2008.

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